Zome - Strip Bracket Dome Kit

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Back by popular demand, we are making our strip brackets available again. Our Zome Strip Bracket Dome Kit is a cost-effective alternative to our standard sheet metal hubs, it is also an ideal solution for constructing a smaller dome (under 14ft in diameter). We use 1/8" thick HRS metal strips, bent to the appropriate angle with a tolerance or +/- 5 degrees. Alternatively, struts can be connected by bolting them together just as with our steel pipe domes. One of the lower hubs may be removed to create an entrance while still holding the integrity of the frame. 

Assembling this dome requires the same steps as all our other domes but we recommend screwing on the strips first and then bolting them to one another as you go up. This dome only requires 2 people to assemble and around 3-4 hours to complete. The strips could be added on the outside or inside of the dome so depending on your application you could reinforce the frame by adding a second set. 

These kits will be delivered unfished but you may spray-paint them with enamel once they are assembled. You will be required to assemble each hub if you order the washer option. 

(Please note that the pipes shown in the images will be replaced with wooden struts using our brackets)


  • 1/8" HRS strips 1-1/2" wide, 6" long
  • Optional center hub washer
  • Unpainted finish

What's Required?

  • (55) Pieces of lumber
  • Drill
  • 3.0" Long Construction Screws 
  • Circular saw or hand saw 

What's Included? 

  • (110) Bracket strips 
  • All necessary hardware (bolts, washers, nuts, locknuts) 

Timber domes are perfect for:

  • Green Houses
  • Glamping Tents
  • Rooftop Igloos
  • Hammock Domes
  • Gazebos/Pergolas
  • Beer Gardens
  • Storage