Request for Sauna Quote / FAQ

Sauna FAQ page:

1. **Q: What makes your pre-fab sauna unique?**
- A: Our cedar sauna is the only insulated outdoor barrel-type sauna that comes mostly prefabricated and is designed to cost at least 50% cheaper than our competitors.

2. **Q: Can I customize the heater for my sauna?**
- A: Yes, you have the option to choose between three types of heaters or install one yourself. Please note the electrical requirements, a minimum 40 amp / 220V breaker, or the need for an electrician for a 220V heater. (We currently do not have a heater supplier, so we recommend that you source one yourself to keep the factory warranty.)

3. **Q: What temperatures can I expect with different heater options?**
- A: With proper insulation, temperatures can reach approximately 180°F for a 120V heater, 200+ °F for a 220V heater, and 190+ °F for a wood-burning stove.

4. **Q: Do you offer delivery and installation services?**
- A: We currently offer local delivery/installation within 60 miles of Chicago. Additional fees apply depending on your location.

5. **Q: Can I assemble the sauna myself?**
- A: Yes, our sauna was designed to be easy to assemble with just 1-2 people. We include a detailed guide with drawings, photos, and videos. Assembly time should take about 6-8 hours on your first attempt. We offer free pick-up from our shop in Chicago and all the parts fit on the back of most 6ft long truck beds.

6. **Q: Do you offer any other saunas with different shapes or sizes?**
- A: We are currently only offering this one-size sauna, but we could quote a longer 8ft sauna instead of a 6ft version if you are interested. This version would require you to choose T&G Cedar, however.

7. **Q: Can I view a demo sauna before purchasing?**
- A: Yes, we have one demo sauna at our shop near the United Center. Contact us to schedule a viewing. We are part of the ICNC building on Fulton St.

8. **Q: What’s the difference between raw cedar and tongue and groove cedar?**
- A: To make the sauna as affordable as possible, we use raw cedar boards in a board-and-batten fashion for all our entry-level saunas. We offer tongue and groove cedar if you are looking to upgrade to a smoother, more dense board.

9. **Q: How can I get a quote for a sauna with specific options?**
- A: Fill out the form on our website with your preferred options, and we'll email you back with an accurate quote. For other inquiries, contact us at

10. **Q: I have not received a quote yet, and it’s been a couple of days already.**
- A: If you do not receive a quote within 1-2 days, please check your spam folder or reach back out to us via email, and we’ll resend it.

11. **Q: How long does it take to assemble the sauna?**
- A: Assembling the sauna takes only 6-8 hours if it’s your first time and can be done by one person if needed. If you have us install it, the assembly should take 4-5 hours.

12. **Q: What is the lead time for a new sauna?**
- A: The current lead time for new saunas is 2 weeks.

13. **Q: What is included in the base price of $2800?**
- A: The base price includes the barebone DIY kit with prefab panels, door, benches, and vapor barrier. Local pick-up is required, and insulation/exterior sheathing is not included.

14. **Q: Can I add extra features to my sauna?**
- A: Yes, we offer various add-ons, including the outdoor exterior, tongue and groove cedar, tempered glass windows, different heaters, wood-burning stove, Rockwool insulation, and cedar duckboard floor panels.

15. **Q: What are the specifications of the sauna?**
- A: The sauna has a capacity for 3-4 persons, 194 cubic feet, and specific dimensions. Refer to our specifications for more details.

16. **Q: What are the installation requirements?**
- A: You will need a drill, clamps, an extra set of hands, and ratchet/wrenches for installation. If you are installing it outdoors, a flat surface is ideal, at least a gravel ground.