Tetrahedron Infinity Mirror

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This infinity mirror tetrahedron lamp features a built in USB LED light strip outlining a 3D printed semi-transparent frame.  The cube gives off the illusion of infinite lights being emitted with the use of special mirrors.  It is hard to keep your eyes off the kaleidoscope effect this lamp gives off and it makes for the prefect art piece, night light, or party display. 

The included LED light strip is powered via a 5V USB cord allowing it to be plugged into any usb including battery pack which allow the lamp to be taken virtually anywhere. The lights include a wireless remote to control that allows you to choose from 32 different lights, 6 different settings and even reacts to sounds and music. 

This lamp comes assembled and is about about 8" X 8" X 8". The lamp is 3D printed and assembled here at our shop in Chicago with a semi-transparent blue resin.