Thunder Domes: Zome Dome Hub Kit

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Introducing our first Zome Dome Bracket Set!

With this DIY hub set, you have the power to construct a Zome-6 frame of any size you desire. While we provide you with three example sizes, we're more than ready to accommodate your custom specifications – just reach out to us.

Crafting your Zome Dome is a breeze; you can assemble it in under 2 hours, even with just one person. This set is designed to have the hubs on the inside which gives you more space outside for various cover options, making it a versatile solution for both hard and soft materials.

Our Zome Dome boasts an ideal frame design, with side walls that bow outwards, creating ample standing space. The high roof pitch is tailored to excel in rainy or snowy climates, allowing precipitation to dissipate rapidly. Additionally, we've thoughtfully incorporated extra tabs on most of the hubs, making it easy for you to create a doorway for convenient passage. This design results in a remarkably robust frame that's perfect for:

  • Green Houses
  • Event Spaces
  • Tiny Homes 
  • Glamping Tents
  • Outdoor Igloos
  • Hammock Domes
  • Gazebos/Pergolas
  • Garden Structures 
  • Storage

Versatile Design: Our DIY hub set allows you to construct a Zome-6 frame of your desired size. We offer three standard sizes and accept custom requests.

Efficient Assembly: The frame can be assembled in under 2 hours, with just one person.

Interior Hub Design: The hubs are placed inside, maximizing exterior space for various cover options.

Simplicity in Construction: All hubs require only 90-degree cuts, making it accessible with basic tools.

Optimized Geometry: Side walls bow outward, providing ample standing space, with a high roof pitch for rapid precipitation drainage.

User-Friendly: Extra tabs on most hubs allow easy doorway creation.

Versatility: The set is perfect for various applications, including Greenhouses, Event Spaces, Tiny Homes, Glamping Tents, Outdoor Igloos, Hammock Domes, Gazebos/Pergolas, Garden Structures, and Storage.


  • CNC plasma-cut from 0.188" thick steel
  • Bent with a tolerance of +/- 0.5 degrees
  • Includes tabs for doorways
  • Black powder-coated finish

What's Included?

  • 25 sheet metal hubs
  • Detailed instructions with three sample sizes

What's Required?

  • 74 pieces of lumber (62 without vertical struts)
  • Drill
  • 3.0" long construction screws
  • Circular saw or hand saw