Canvas Star Top Cover for 2V Dome

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This waterproof canvas top cover is designed to fit on our 8.6 ft & 12.5 ft tall 2V steel pipe dome.  The cover will cover most of the top of the dome and will offer a nice shady place to relax in the dome. This cover may also work for our wooden bracket domes but you will need to cut the lumber to the according size to make sure the fit is correct. 

The star shaped canvas cover comes in 2 options depending on if you want to have an entrance to the dome or not so the cover dose not block the entrance. If you choose a doorway option we will remove one panel for an entrance if you.  or decide to remove a 6-way strut connection you want to select the doorway option. The non-doorway option will come with all 10 panels but you still may create an entrance if you remove a 5-way strut connection ( see the image of the restaurant dome) 

The cover will be sewn as one piece using marine grade thread and will include multiple grommet points as well as bungee chord to tie down to. 

Canvas Specs:

COLOR: Currently only Beige 

• Waterproof. Mold & Mildew Resistant.
• Maximum Durability. Rated For Daily, High Volume Use.
• Can Withstand Any Environment. Minimum Temperature, -10°F or -22°C.
• Easy To Transport; 1.1lbs per yard.
• Fade Resistant. 500 Hours Of UV Protection.

Lead Time: 1-2 weeks 


This image is just a concept to show the star pattern