2V Corner Brackets for Pre-Fab Panels

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This 2V bracket set allows you to to prefabricate triangular dome panels that will later fasten to one another during construction. This will let you prefab your dome panels at a shop, garage or anywhere off-site to save time at the construction site. These simple yet very precisely manufactured brackets take away all the headache from constructing traditional dome panels.


After successfully building a 1V & 2V dome at our property in Wisconsin using nothing but miter cuts, we knew there had to be an easier way to construct tapered triangular panels. With simplicity in mind, we designed corner bracket that screws on-to the end of each strut and creates a strong tie between struts.  

These new corner brackets give the the option to create a flat base so that you could screw on an exterior panel that sits flush to all 3 struts. The only 2 operations to achieve this is cut each strut down to size and then run both sides of each 2x4 thru a table saw at a specified angle. 

Panel exterior options:

  • 1/2" OSB
  • Clear Vinyl
  • Waterproof canvas
  • Plexiglas or clear acrylic 

  • struts can be ripped on both sided to create a flush mounting surface 
  • Joints will be made using our new corner system using thick .188" thick steel brackets