1V Geodesic Igloo Dome

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 1V Geodesic Igloo Dome, for Outdoor Patios and Gardens

This new line of geodesic dome tents was designed after several restaurants reached out to us needing a solution to give their guest a safe place to dine on their patios. The 1V dome offers a cozy enclosed space to comfortable seat 2-4 adults while the beige side skirt offers some privacy while being in public. The steel frame is designed to withstand any outdoor conditions while the 3-piece cover system lets the user feel close to the elements.

The dome could also be used for outdoor grow space and the thick 20 gauge marine grade vinyl will hold up to 1000's of hours under intense UV radiation. The greenhouse is about 8ft in diameter and is about 9ft tall. Entry in and out of the dome is by a heavy duty double sided zipper.

The frame consists of heavy duty 1" galvanized steel tubing and could be easily assembled in 1 hour with standard nuts and bolts. The cover system is comprised of 3 vinyl panels and 1 canvas skirt and secures in place with zip ties and velcro. The cover system allows panels to be taken off or on depending on the season/weather.

The 1V enclosed dome system includes:

  • 30X struts
  • 5X riser struts
  • 1X vinyl roof dome
  • 1X vinyl side wrap 
  • 1X door zipper door panel 
  • All necessary hardware
  • Set of instructions

Timber domes are perfect for:

  • Green Houses
  • Glamping Tents
  • Rooftop Igloos
  • Gazebos/Pergolas
  • Beer Gardens
  • Storage

    What's Required?

    • Wrench Set
    • Ground Stakes (optional)  


    7ft diameter, 8 ft tall

    All of our domes are designed and manufactured in Chicago Il, USA