Thunder Domes: 1V Geodesic Dome Hub Kit

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This dome kit takes all the legwork out of calculating your own complicated cuts and measurements from constructing your own wooden 1V geodesic dome. 

Our hubs are made up of thick 12 gauge zinc plated steel. These hubs are also weather resistant and will withstand being exposed to the elements for years to come.   

All you need to do is source 13 pieces of either either 8ft or 10ft long 2X4's or 2X3's. All that's needed is for you to cut each piece of lumber in half using either a circular saw or hand saw. 

Assembly: The provided manual will have detailed assembly instructions that are so easy one person could put one together in 1-2 hours


Timber domes are perfect for:

  • Hammock Domes
  • Saunas 
  • Storage

Kit Includes:

  • (11)-5 Sided Hubs

What's Required?

  • (13) Pieces of lumber
  • Drill
  • 2.5" Long Construction Screws 
  • Circular saw or hand saw 



Dome Size using 8ft Lumber: 6ft Tall, 8ft Diameter 


All of our hubs are designed and manufactured in Chicago Il, USA