Thunder Domes: 3V Geodesic Dome Hub Kit

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New for 2023!

Save up to $200 if you preorder these brackets by 1/11/2023

To help with the rolling out of our new product, we need to reach as many pre-orders as we can to save on manufacturing. Since this set has 8 distinct hub configurations we need to fabricate as many sets as possible to cut keep the costs down. Prices will rise after the initial release. 

  • We will do a full frame assembly test before prior to shipping
  • Please allow up to 3-4 week lead time after our pre-sale ends
  • Each bracket will be inspected to meet our standards prior to shipment 

We are happy to introduce our 3V bracket set to our line of DIY sheet metal hubs.  This set of geodesic dome hubs include everything you need to make a flat-based 3V geodesic dome to whatever size you'd like. By using the following calculator our hubs allow you to scale the size of the dome to meet your design needs. 

A 3V dome has about 5X the amount of struts than our 2V domes and as a result will provide you with a much stronger frame. We recommend keeping the struts shorter than 5ft. This will allow you do go as big as 8 meters wide or ~ 26ft in diameter.  (Please note that you could go bigger if you like but you may need to add another set of hubs to the inside of the dome to reinforce the joints.

Each 3V kit will include a total of 61 brackets:

  • (40X) - 6 way pcs    
  • (6X) - 5 way pcs
  • (15X)- 4 way pcs 


Our hubs are made up of 3/16" thick HRS Steel. The hubs come powder coated to be weather resistant and will withstand being exposed to the elements for years to come. Each hub is about 4" in diameter with 1.5" wide x 3" long tabs. 





Timber domes are perfect for:

  • Green Houses
  • Upgrading from a steel tube frame 
  • Glamping Tents
  • Rooftop Igloos
  • Hammock Domes
  • Gazebos/Pergolas
  • Beer Gardens
  • Extra office 
  • Storage 

    What's Required?

    • (165) Pieces of lumber
    • Drill
    • 2.5" Long Construction Screws 
    • Circular saw or hand saw 



    All of our hubs are designed and manufactured in Chicago Il, USA