Covered Geodesic Dome w/ Steel Pipe Frame 2V

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This V2 geodesic domes is made from 3/4" EMT conduit. This type of dome is the the easiest kind to assemble and requires only 2 different sized poles. 

NEW FOR 2021: Vinyl Cover System w/Doorway and Zippered Door

We have just developed a 4 piece vinyl cover system for our most popular dome. This new cover system was designed to make covering our 2V dome super easy and could be set up in under a half an hour. Each panel features Velcro seams that connect each panel together creating a water tight enclosure for the dome. We hand sew each cover using thick 20 gauged marine grade vinyl and zippers. During hotter weather the Velcro seams could be undone for better airflow if using the dome for safe dining or a greenhouse.

This option will have the doorway package included and will be shipped in 3 separate bundles. Assembling the doorway is easy and only takes 1hr to put together with an allen wrench. The doorway is 54" wide and 6ft tall allowing easy entrance.

Cover Package features:
-3X piece cover system
-1X zippered doorway
-Doorway frame system and t-connectors
-Pack of snap clips
-Hand sewn here in Chicago

These domes are ideal for:
-pop-up shade
-animal coops
-star gazing

Each dome kit will come with

8.6 FT Dome: (3/4" EMT)

-35X size 'A' poles
-30X size 'B' poles
-Nuts, hex bolts & washers

The dome is 17ft in diameter and 8.6ft tall and weighs about 155lbs The 3/4" Galvanized Steel Tubing EMT poles that are used are strong enough to supports at least 4-5 adults on hammocks when the weight is evenly distributed.

Assembly is fast and easy and only takes about 1-3 hrs to put together with the help of 1-2 people. Disassembling the dome can be done under 30 minutes.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any injuries that might occur if you exceeded the recommended weight capacity.  

Free pickup is available from our Chicago warehouse. Please message for adjusted price.

Link To Assembly Instructions (PDF)