1V Pre-Fab Patio Dome (Chicagoland only)

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If you are located within 100 miles of Chicago and are looking for an enclosed dome for either extra patio space/ work space or to as greenhouse we are now offering local assembly and delivery. 

These domes are pre-fabricated at our workshop here in Chicago and come already wrapped in clear vinyl. Depending on the size you are looking for we offer dimeters from 6-12 ft wide. These Domes are easy to assemble and dissemble and could be easily stored during the off season if needed. 

 Our standard dome will include a zippered vinyl door and include one window which could be opened and closed via Velcro. These domes could be customized upon request depending on your needs. 

These new domes will start at $1800 plus delivery & assembly

Please contact us for more information and more accurate 

See them in use at several restaurants here in Chicago