Thunder Domes: 2V Geodesic Dome Hub Kit

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This dome kit takes all the legwork out of calculating your own complicated cuts and measurements from constructing your own wooden geodesic dome. 

Our hubs are made up of 3/16" thick HRS Steel. These hubs come painted and are weather resistant and will withstand being exposed to the elements for years to come.   

All you need to do is source 35 pieces of either either 8ft or 10ft long 2X4's or 2X3's. All that's need is for you to cut each piece of lumber in half using either a circular saw or hand saw. 

Assembly: The provided manual will have detailed  assembly instructions that are so easy to use that a team of 2 people and construct a dome in under 3 hrs.



Most images of our domes are shown with our older hub design. The new design makes installation easier and allows better coverage for cover options. 

New Dome Cover Options:

We are now offering pre-cut triangular panels that could be shipped out with the hub kits to cover a 15.2 ft dome. The panels can either be stapled directly to the frame or could be splined into place using a screen porch track system that can be found in most hardware stores. This allows the possibility to easily swap out each panel in case one get's damage or if you'd like to so switch between clear and canvas panels depending on the seasons.

Please choose what type of doorway option you would like.

Doorway Options

  • Doorframe with zipper panel: This option will keep the structural integrity of the dome wile offering an easy way to enter and exit the dome. This option will require to cut 2 side walls out of a sheet of plywood along with a couple other simple cuts. We will provide a zippered rectangular door along with some extra fabric to cover any openings. This option will also enable you to install a swinging door if you'd like down the road. 
  • Pentagonal Zipper door: This option will require you to remove 5 struts from the dome to install the zipper door.  

The all clear dome will include all clear panels and clear zipper door. The glamping cover option will be 2/3's canvas and 1/3'rd clear vinyl. The canvas dome will include all canvas panels and canvas zipper door.

Clear Vinyl Specs: Thick 20 gauge UV rated clear vinyl
Canvas Specs: Beige 100% Polyester with waterproof PVC backing


Timber domes are perfect for:

  • Green Houses
  • Glamping Tents
  • Rooftop Igloos
  • Hammock Domes
  • Gazebos/Pergolas
  • Beer Gardens
  • Storage

    Kit Includes:

    • (10)-6 Sided Hubs
    • (10)-4 Sided Hubs
    • (6)- 5 Sided Hubs

    What's Required?

    • (35) Pieces of lumber
    • Drill
    • 2.5" Long Construction Screws 
    • Circular saw or hand saw 



    Dome Size using 8ft Lumber: 8.2ft Tall, 15.2ft Diameter 

     Dome made from 8ft lumber



    All of our hubs are designed and manufactured in Chicago Il, USA




    Download Installation PDF