Kinetic Shadow Lamp Table Light with Spiral Golden Ratio Geometric Pattern and RGB LED Light and Controller- Hand Casted Resin

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This 12-sided geometric spiral pattern shadow lamp is a perfect addition to any room. The included RGB LED light casts a vibrant shadow across the entire room turning each space into an immersive art display. The motor mounted LED light gives off a soothing breathing effect making the lamp perfect for relaxation, meditation or the occasional vision quest. 

Each panel is about 7" in width and when assembled totals to be about 14" X 14" X 14". Each panel is cast by hand here at our shop in Chicago with a semi-transparent blue resin. Assembly is as easy as zip-ting each panel together and takes about 30 min to complete. If you rather have the lamp shipped to you already assembled please choose that option at check-out

The lamp could either be shipped in 12 flatten parts require some light assembly or be shipped out complete. Assembly only requires 30 minutes and is put together using the included blue zip ties.

KINETIC LIGHT: RGB LED motor mounted light features 3 sound activated modes, 7 lighting modes, flash, rotating speed control, flash speed control. The mother allows a soothing breathing shadow effect (see link for video)